Tools for Regional FAOG Groups

A regional FAOG group is comprised of FAOG members residing in a particular geographic region of the country. The geographic region is defined by the members who organize and participate in the group.  Participation within a regional  group, as well as taking a leadership role in creating a new regional group where one doesn’t already exist, is solely the responsibility of those members choosing to participate and/or assume a leadership role. The national FAOG organization is not responsible for organizing, leading or participating in any of the regional groups, and the national organization does not guarantee that a regional group will exist for all geographic regions of the country. If a regional group does not yet exist, it is up to members themselves to form a group.

Activities of a regional FAOG group may consist of meetings, conferences, discussions using an online forum dedicated to a specific regional group, etc.  How often a regional group convenes is determined solely by the group members.  Any cost sharing and/or sponsorships of regional events is the responsibility of the group members, and the national FAOG organization will not take on the responsibility of securing sponsorships, accepting payments, etc. for any regional FAOG event.

How can FAOG support your regional FAOG group? For more details, or to request assistance with creating a Project or promoting an event for a regional FAOG group, contact Monique Waggoner, FAOG Administrator, at